Terms and Conditions for contracting Promotion and / or Advertising of Official Stores

Mayor y Detal, will have official stores that will promote on the main page of the website. These stores will be carefully selected by specialists from Mayor y Detal, who in turn will determine the criteria that the subscribers must meet to be admitted under this modality.

Whoever requests to be Official Store in Mayor y Detal, expresses and certifies that it has the proper authorization of the trademark owner, to offer its products and / or services. And this, will be solely responsible for the content of the publications of the store, as well as to comply with what it offers in them.

Mayor y Detal, will promote on the main page to the official stores admitted, which will have links to access its official web pages.

In case Mayor y Detal receive complaints, questions and / or complaints from subscribers or third parties, it will have the power to remove its links as Official Store, from the Mayor and Detail Website, if deemed necessary or opportune.

Who manages an official store assumes all the commitment for any egress or compensation that Mayor y Detal assumed to end any claim, administrative sanction or judicial sentence arising from the operations of the official store.

The store also agrees to keep Mayor y Detal harmless in any of these situations.

With the acceptance of this and other General Terms the Official Store authorizes Mayor y Detal:

  • Moderate the contents of the official store
  • Disable publications, as long as they violate Mayor y Detal policies.
  • Suspend the user as an official store, if necessary.

For the contracting of Promotion and / or Advertising of Official Stores, the following terms and conditions must be met:

The Promotion and / or Publicity of Official Stores, is the offering of advertising space in the Main Website of Mayor y Detal, this advertising is directed directly to subscribers who have physical stores and wish to market their products and / or services. In turn, facilitate direct link between the offering shop.

Expressing that Mayor y Detal, does not guarantee the access and continuous or uninterrupted use of the website, reason why it may not be available due to technical problems or Internet faults in the links or any other circumstance outside of Mayor y Detal.

Likewise, the subscriber acknowledges and exonerates Mayor y Detal, for any difficulties or damages caused by the mentioned failures, for the published announcements and / or for any other circumstance associated with the official stores promoted in the web page.

Mayor y Detal, has the power to suspend or refuse the provision of advertising and / or promotion services to official stores, due to non-compliance with terms, policies or conditions, without generating claims for damages. Emphasizing that the user acquiring the service will not be able to transfer, sell or transfer it in any way to another user.

Subscribers who wish to cancel the service (Suspension), must inform the Department of Customer Service of Mayor y Detal, who once received the notification will have a lapse of 72 working hours to make the suspension of said service.

The cost of this service will be determined by Mayor y Detal, at the moment the subscriber requests the incorporation to the official stores of Mayor y Detal.

Mayor y Detal, has the power to take the measures it deems necessary to obtain payment for the provision of this service, whether judicial or extrajudicial measures.

All other clauses of the General Terms and Conditions will also apply to official stores.