Terms of Protection of Intellectual Property

We design a system, contained by a series of terms and rules, to guarantee the timely monitoring and protection of our subscribers' property rights, so that such subscribers can denounce publications that infringe their rights.

If you own or hold an intellectual property right and make a complaint to a particular publication, as it breaks your rights, that publication will be removed.

Once the complaint is made, we will request the denounced subscriber the documentation proving the ownership of the right.

According to your response, we may continue the denunciation or leave it without effect. If we do not receive a response from the denounced party, we will definitely delete the publication. Otherwise the publication will remain active.

If any of your publications receive a complaint from a Mayor y Detal subscriber, you must respond in a timely manner and show that you do not violate your rights by sending the necessary documentation to verify it.

In case of receiving a complaint, we will hide the publication of the listings, we will send an e-mail with the notification and the steps to follow. The accused will have 7 business days to communicate with the Mayor y Detal Customer Service team, and in turn send the documentation that proves that the publication does not infringe intellectual property rights.

Keep in mind that if you received complaints about several publications, you should send the documentation for each of them.

Once you submit the required information, the Mayor and Detail Customer Service team will have 15 working days to analyze the documentation and decide if it is adequate to show that the publication does not infringe any rights. In the meantime, that publication will remain hidden.

In case the Customer Care team the Mayor y Detal, upon exhaustive analysis of the documentation, concludes that it does not infringe the copyright of the complainant subscriber, the publication will be reactivated.

The publication will be definitively eliminated if it is determined that the rights of the denouncing subscriber are in fact being infringed or if the documentation is not timely or required for such verification. Failure to respond to the complaint within 7 business days will also permanently delete the publication.

Mention will then be made of articles and / or publications that violate intellectual property rights:

  • Publications that violate laws on copyright, patents, trademarks and industrial designs.
  • The sale of unauthorized copies, forgeries or replicas that violate Intellectual Property rights.
  • The sale of unauthorized copies of software, video games, discs, movies, television programs, photographs, et cetera.
  • The use of logos or trademarks in products that were not officially made by the owner of the Intellectual Property rights.
  • Downloadable Internet products that violate the intellectual property of manufacturers.
  • Accounts for forums, emails, social networks, communities or any site that requires an account to use.
  • Games and content to download from virtual stores for consoles, mobile devices or computers.
  • Programs, codes or scripts that allow you to exploit game errors or improve their functionality.
  • Characters, accounts or items for online games.
  • Keys or passwords to access restricted access sites.