Rates and billing

The following rates and billing clauses are a fundamental part of the General Terms and Conditions of Mayor y Detal. Reminding subscribers that by accepting such general terms, they will automatically accept the policies contained herein.


The subscription to Mayor y Detal, does not generate any charge. The acquisition of plans if they have a charge, and these vary according to the benefits they grant. These plans and their associated costs will be described in this document.

  • The publication of each article is free, as long as the publications do not belong to the special categories (Cars, Motorcycles, Real Estate and / or Services), because they have particular plans and rates.
  • Publications can be located on the home page, or in the list according to categories and sub categories, be located in the Upper, Middle or Lower Section. Subscribers acknowledge and agree that Mayor y Detal will determine each of these levels in an unappealable manner for each of the publications, in accordance with various parameters such as availability, number of ads in the category, etc.
  • Commission for sale:

    When a sale is successful, Mayor y Detal will receive a commission for said sale equivalent to a percentage of the sales price stipulated by the selling user.

    This charge, complies with particular conditions:

    • Paid only by sellers.
    • Said payment will be deducted once the sale of the product or article has been successfully completed.
  • Detail of Post for Posting in Special Categories:

    Categories such as Cars, Motorcycles, Properties and / or Services, have particular conditions and policies for cancellation (Payment) of the service provided by Mayor y Detal.

    The costs will be determined according to the property to be published, and must be stipulated by Mayor y Detal at the time the selling user makes the publication. This is due to the fact that a percentage will not be charged on the sale of the property, but a single fee for advertising and / or publication.

    Emphasizing once again that exposure on the main page and positioning in the listings by categories and sub categories, is subject to availability. Mayor y Detal will exclusively determine such positions.

Costs of Plans (Special Categories)

Gold Platinium Diamod
Acquisition Cost 5 USD 10 USD 20 USD
Location in the listings Half Higher Higher - Home Page
Permanence 90 days 90 days 90 days
Cost to publish Free Free Free
Cost per sale Free Free Free

The publications of Articles and / or Products will be free, you must only cancel for the provision of the service, a commission of 8% on the amount of each sale.

Collection Policies

Mayor y Detal, receive in their business account the credits for sales, and in turn to credit the selling user the associated money provided that the following guidelines are met:

  • Execution and satisfactory settlement of the Purchase-Sale.
  • Delivery of the product to the buyer.
  • Favorable qualification of the buyer user, noting that this has 3 days to make said qualification once received the product.

Upon complying with the guidelines set forth, the seller's account will be credited with the amount corresponding to the sale, with the deduction of commission amount for the service rendered by Mayor y Detal. This in order to safeguard the money of the users buyers and to diminish or to eradicate possible legal conflicts by evasion of debts on the part of the subscribers.

Again, that the user buyer, once received the product has 3 days to qualify the selling user, not to perform the qualification, that user (Seller) will be credited the corresponding amount for the sale.