Buyer Protection Policies

For Mayor y Detal, the security of the users users is vital, that is why a series of policies in favor of the security, protection and / or protection of the buyer user has been designed and implemented, in order to reduce possible damages to them.

This series of policies aims at granting the buyer user the full security and timely protection of their money, thus eradicating possible misleading offers. It should be noted that these policies have certain restrictions on special categories (Services, Purchase, Sale and / or rental of Cars, Motorcycles and Real Estate)

  • When a purchase for a particular product is made and canceled (Paid), it must be qualified within a period of no more than 3 business days after receipt of the product. In case of canceling the purchase and not receiving the item within a maximum of 15 days, taking into consideration the distance between the subscribers involved, you should contact the Customer Service Department, and make the corresponding claim.
  • The Customer Service Department will communicate with the selling user in order to clarify the situation, in case of not receiving an adequate response within a maximum of 10 days, will reimburse the buyer user the total amount of his purchase.
  • The article and / or product in question should not be prohibited by law and / or General Terms and Conditions, its annexes and other Mayor y Detal policies. In that case, the claim would have no source; Mayor y Detal has no responsibility for the damages caused in said purchase, and additionally both users could be suspended for violating the policies implemented by Mayor y Detal in its policies of Prohibited Articles.
  • For a claim to proceed, the item and / or product must be tangible. Both services and intangible items do not apply. In addition to articles included in the categories Cars, Motorcycles and Real Estate.
  • Mayor y Detal after receiving the claim, will carry out the verification and proceed to investigate the circumstances of the same, inform the subscriber if your claim is proceeding or will be dismissed for failing to meet the necessary conditions.
  • In case of claim Mayor y Detal will only reimburse the amount corresponding to the purchase, excluding other expenses associated with the purchase (Freight charges, guarantees, insurance, etc.), said refund will be credited to the bank account owned by the subscriber.
  • Mayor y Detal, reserves the right to reject or deny any claim, notwithstanding that it complies with all the established requirements, being exempt from exposing or communicating reasons for its decision and without this generating any right to compensation or reimbursement in favor of the user.
  • Mayor y Detal, expressly declares that it does not consider prejudice the purchase of an article with a correct description of it, but that the buyer user regrets having purchased it. Likewise, any other article or transaction that in your opinion, Mayor y Detal do not consider genuine or true.
  • It is strictly forbidden:
    • Initiate claims based on facts, non-existent or fraudulent circumstances.
    • Initiate claims in name, representation and / or on behalf of third parties.
    • Acting in collusion with other persons or users in order to obtain the coverage. This type of activity will be investigated by Mayor y Detal, the violator (s) may be sanctioned with the permanent suspension of their subscriptions, without prejudice to the actions that may correspond to him to exercise in accordance with the Law.