Disable or Suspend Subscribers

Mayor y Detal, has a series of policies that apply for the suspension and / or disqualification of subscriptions, when violating or breaking them. Mayor y Detal, has the power to take the measures it deems appropriate, in the event of violations of the policies mentioned herein or the General Terms and Conditions.

Emphasizing that by accepting the General Terms and Conditions of Mayor y Detal, you will be equally accepting the policies for disqualification or suspension of subscribers.

  • Subscribers are identified by their personal email, and in turn must enter a series of personal data. Each subscriber has credibility easily evidenced by comments, ratings and / or reviews.
    • It is strictly prohibited to subscribe 2 or more accounts with equal identities, this will be cause for permanent suspension of your subscription
  • When initiating the process of purchase for a product and / or article, it acquires an inescapable responsibility. The Subscriber who is denounced for breach of said responsibility in various opportunities, may be permanently suspended his account.
  • In case of perceiving or suspecting that a subscriber intends to harm another subscriber by performing irregular operations, he may be temporarily or permanently disabled to operate in Mayor y Detal. In the event that said subscriber commits any harmful act that warrants the taking of legal actions, Mayor y Detal, has the power to deliver all data relating to this user, to the competent authorities.
  • When publishing or offering an article, product or service, the subscriber acquires an inexcusable responsibility. In case of termination of the sale, the offered product must be delivered in the conditions that have been contemplated in said publication. The Subscriber who is denounced for breach of said responsibility in various opportunities, may be permanently suspended his account.
  • Any subscriber may request the temporary suspension and / or final termination of his subscription. Provided that said account is solvent and without unfinished operations.
  • Upon requesting the reactivation of your subscription, you will retrieve your comments, ratings and / or reviews, as well as published articles and your transaction history. Only when you have requested temporary suspension of your subscription.
    • The use of abusive, insulting and inappropriate language is not allowed for the area in which it is expressed. When using this type of language, whether in the comments of another user or in the description of products or services, may be suspended temporarily or definitively your subscription, as deemed appropriate by Mayor y Detal.
  • Any subscriber who has 3 or more temporary suspensions, due to breach of policies or terms implemented by Mayor y Detal, may be permanently suspended from his subscription and may not operate again on the website.
    • The operation and / or underwriting of minors is prohibited. Since according to the laws in force they are not authorized to respond for commercial transactions. If an account is found to be underwritten or operated by a minor, it will be suspended to operate within the site.
  • When a subscriber has suspended his subscription, he is limited in his handling of the website, so that he will not be able to publish, buy, sell articles, nor make any kind of comments or qualifications to other subscribers. Also, all the publications made will be removed from the website, as long as the subscriber has his account suspended.
  • Our goal is that only those who have left verifiable data about their identity belong to the community. Any account that does not present true and verifiable data may be suspended or even the subscriber disqualified from operating on the site, until such time as it sends us valid proof of its identity.