Publication Policies

The following policies form an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions of Mayor y Detal, therefore the acceptance of these terms implies the acceptance of the policies contained herein as well as the other complementary policies of Mayor y Detal.

Mayor y Detal, to define a series of publishing policies in order to guide and / or require subscribers to correctly publish their articles, products or services. In case of not complying with the aforementioned policies, Mayor y Detal will have the power to take the measures deemed appropriate.

Mayor y Detal, clarifies that no publication will appear automatically, that is, the user performing the publication will go through a series of filters, to determine that it is apt to be shown to the public and does not violate any policy Mayor y Detal.

  • Mayor y Detal, IT DOES NOT ALLOW:
    • Offer and / or promote articles, products or services, in the publication of another subscriber.
    • Make comparisons regarding quality, price and brands, with publications of other subscribers.
    • Publications with intentions other than the sale and / or commercialization of a product.
    • Place Links, web addresses, URL, redirect users to another web page or open additional windows.
    • Attach and / or add links to web pages intended for electronic commerce, as well as social networking links and / or virtual communities that allow the exchange of personal information between the parties.
    • Attach links to websites that compete in any way with the activity and / or services offered by Mayor y Detal.
    • Duplic Duplicate publications, ie publish the same product on more than one occasion.
    • The inclusion of personal or contact data to perform operations outside of Mayor and Detal. (Identity Card, Telephone Number, ID, e-mail address, etc.)
    • Use expressions and / or vulgar language, as well as insults, or bad words.
    • Issue bad judgments with respect to Mayor and detail.
    • Inclusion of articles, products and / or services in the wrong categories and subcategories.
    • Products and / or articles that do not include Tax (VAT) on their prices.
    • Avoid payment of fees, completing transactions outside the Mayor y Detal.

The actions that elude or try to avoid the Mayor y Detal rates are not consented, they will be closed and the infringer can be sanctioned with the suspension or cancellation of the operation and even of its Subscription.

Regarding Publication Descriptions: These may include texts, images, and / or descriptions of the product, item, goods or service offered; provided they do not violate any policy described in the General Terms and Conditions Mayor y Detal and the policies here indicated.

  • The images included must expressly and clearly correspond to the article or product to be published.
  • The description of the article or product to be published should be only related to the same.
  • The descriptions can not contain obscene, vulgar, diminutive or qualifying words.
  • The product or article to be published must be correctly described, with respect to brand, model, color, state and any other characteristic of importance or relevance.
  • Mayor y Detal, has particular policies for the publications on the Main Page, as well as the photos and images annexed thereto.
    • On the home page, no publications containing images that are not allusive to the promoted article will be displayed.
    • There will not be shown on the main page, publications that at the discretion of Mayor y Detal, contain images that may be considered inappropriate, contrary to morality or good customs.
  • The photos and / or publications that appear on the main page, must meet the following conditions:
    • Must contain actual images and / or photos of product or article to sell, not reference photos.
    • Images shown should contain only one article, the image must be high resolution so that it is visible and understandable to other subscribers.
    • The background of the images should be neat and visually attractive, or in the background in white background.

Mayor y Detal, has the power to remove any publication that violates the terms contemplated in this or any other policy of the General Terms and Conditions. In case of being a repeat Mayor y Detal, if it is considered opportune, it may disable and / or suspend the subscription of said infringer.

  • Mayor y Detal, clarifies that the only available means of payment are:
    • Payment will be made through deposit of checks, transfers, PayPal, or Amazon accounts.

They will only be credited to the accounts of Mayor y Detal.

  • Regarding Inclusion of Information and / or Personal Data in special categories, Mayor y Detal expresses that:
    • There are categories with special conditions (cars, motorcycles, real estate, etc.) in which it is allowed to provide contact information and personal information and to possess the URL of its website.
    • The data mentioned above must be included in the description of the property or property to be published.

Mayor y Detal, is not responsible for the use that the seller, buyer, any user or other person could make of the published information.

Mayor y Detal, has the power to remove, remove and even suspend the subscription of the User, in case of breach or breach of any policy herein provided, in any other or in the General Terms and Conditions.

All subscribers are obliged to comply with any other provision set forth in the General Terms and Conditions, as well as any other policy.