Return and change policies

The return policies described below apply only to NEW items and / or products. Under no circumstances will articles apply used, since when purchasing them it is at the buyer's risk.

The terms for generating changes and returns begin as of the day of the purchase, in the case of home delivery starts from the delivery date of the product, after verifying the delivery through the tracking of the product by the official page of the shipping company chosen by the buyer.

Changes and / or refunds must be made before 48 hours from the arrival date of the product to the destination address or within 10 days Skillful following the purchase of the item, the term that expires first.

The cost of sending the return, as the case may be, will be borne by the provider, if the return or exchange occurs because:

  • a) The product does not correspond to the detail of the invoice.
  • b) The delivered product is damaged.
  • c) If the article has manufacturing defects.

If at the time of receipt of the product, the delivery is rejected by a reason beyond the provider's responsibility, the shipping cost will not be refunded.

There are no changes or refunds in the following items or departments:

  • Fine and fantasy jewelry, underwear for lady, gentleman, boy, girl and Babies, perfumery, cosmetics, dermatological treatments, telephony cellular, Watchmaking, Software, Videogame consoles, Accessories and games.
  • In Computing, Tablets, iPod, Cellular telephony, the guarantee is directly with the provider.
  • Perishables

Procedure to make a return in Mayor and Detal.

  • If you wish to return the merchandise, you must contact the Customer Service department of Mayor and Detal to the email must send the original invoice or Ticket de purchase and indicate the credit card in which the charge was generated or in its Defect number of deposit, check or transfer, in turn will send a explanatory note indicating the reason for the return, and if you want the Replacement of the item or refund of your money to cards or account banking
  • In case other merchandise has been sent by mistake or that present any manufacturing defect, physical change may be made, in if the supplier owns the same.
  • If the provider does not count on the existence, the user may choose another equivalent article of your preference, or otherwise, the refund to the credit card and / or refund of the amount.
  • If you only want to cancel your purchase, the refund will be made by the amount of the merchandise, not including shipping costs, additionally will deduct 5% of the total amount, for administrative expenses.

Procedure for returns for commissioning service

  • You can send the merchandise, preferably using the same company courier who delivered the merchandise, perfectly ensuring the package which must contain the original invoice, a clarifying note that indicate the reason for the return, and if you want the replacement of the item or the refund of your money.
  • If the merchandise is sent by courier, you should make sure to write down correctly the recipient that would be sent by the department of Senior and Retail Customer Service, it will be from the supplier that sent said merchandise.
  • If you have not received the merchandise, you can send us an e-mail to:

Conditions for requesting refunds

  • 1. The item or product must have been purchased in Wholesale and Retail and paid through the accounts of the same.
  • 2. The buyer must have an active account at the time of make the claim, until the end of it.
  • 3. The article or product should not be prohibited by law or in the Terms and general conditions, or other policies attached to Mayor and Detal.
  • 4. The article or product should not be a good belonging to the categories Cars, Motorcycles, Real Estate and / or Services.
  • 5. The buyer user who initiates the claim must be the same as the one I make the purchase.

Claim Resolution

For cases where the buyer has not received the purchased product, Mayor and Detal will analyze said claim, and if necessary, will request the users involved information and additional supports, as well as vouchers of said transaction. In case the claim is closed in favor of the buyer, you will receive a refund corresponding to the amount of the purchase done.

There will be no refund corresponding to Shipping Costs In the event that the claim is for a defective product or different from the one offered, the coverage will be effective when the buyer credits the return of the product defective or different from the seller. The product will be returned to the address of the Registered seller in Major and Detail or to the address of the sender indicated in Shipping.


This policy does not cover:

  • Products damaged, repaired or modified by the buyer.
  • Products that meet the description provided by the seller, but that the buyer regrets having acquired it.
  • Products withdrawn or delivered in person.
  • Products not acquired through Mayor and Detal.
  • Products paid through Shipments.
  • Cases in which the courier or transporter (Shipping Company) loses the product or are damaged by that company.
  • Any transaction that Mayor y Detal considers fraudulent or that violate the Terms and Conditions of Major and Detail.

Mayor y Detal, does not provide any insurance, it only offers buyers the possibility of recovering the amount paid in the purchase claimed. Mayor and Detal, does not recognize any type of interest regarding the amount of the purchase made, nor for damages.

It is expressly PROHIBITED:

  • Initiate claims on behalf, representation and / or on behalf of third parties.
  • Initiate claims based on false and / or fraudulent facts or situations.
  • Incurring fraudulent or fraudulent behavior or acts to obtain the coverage described in these policies.
  • Act in complicity with other subscribers to obtain reimbursements.

This type of behavior will be analyzed by Mayor and Detal, and in case of If unusual behavior is detected or an infraction determined, it may be sanctioned with the suspension or definitive disqualification of your subscription, and in turn said infringement will be notified to the relevant authorities for subsequent decision (All associated data will be supplied, both from the vendor and the buyer), for processing with the relevant authorities and the Legal Department of Mayor and Detal, this may have consequences penalties for those involved.

Mayor y Detal, you may modify the policies contained herein when you consider timely, such modifications will be announced and / or published on the website official. In turn, Mayor y Detal reserves the right to cancel the purchase after 30 days of storage from the first date agreed for the delivery (Only in the products marketed properly by Mayor and Such).

Mayor y Detal, reserves the right to discontinue, suspend, cancel temporarily or definitively the application of the policies contained herein without this generates no right to make claims.